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Hellllllo lovelies!

So today I got some mesh stuff from the ever so kind and exceptionally talented NyuNyu Kimono of Nyu Concepts and I’m absooooolutely in love with her mesh Chino pants for the Couturiers Dock Exclusive event that’s going on! So, I threw my favorite Leverocci new-ish blouse, because we all know Jin’s talented with mesh too and compiled a little look of  mesh-y goodness, so scroll on down and grab some the item’s I put together!


Hair: Lamb (Ruby) [Mesh]
Skin: Love (Unreleased/Coming soon)
Eyes: Mayfly (Hazy Rainshowers) [Mesh]
Lashes: The Body Co
Make-up: Lelutka (Liquid Liner) & Etente (Moles)
Nose-Rings: Bellballs (Ow My Face) [Edited] & Medley (Unreleased)
Earrings: Bellballs (Triangle Rhinstone) & Medley (Industrial)
Necklace: Bellballs (Victorian Charm)
Blouse: Leverocci (Silk Satin) [Mesh]
Rings: Mstyle (Black Ring)
Clutch: House Of Fox (Stella)
Pants: NYU Limited Chino (Coutiers Doc Exclusive) [Mesh]
Shoes: Vive9 (Penelope Platform)

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Cold Hearted


Helllllllo lovelies!

I’m back again this time with ANOTHER guest, I know right? So many people helping with my blog it’s almost astonishing. I’m really flattered people want to pose with me and put together their own little flares of SL fashion and pose with my little twist on their vibe!  Today Dezeray Aeon is posing beside me and we both felt a little rebellious; kind of like a nice set of back-up dancers for Paula Abdul? We’re clearly that cool, who doesn’t appreciate Paula? So, scroll down and pick up some of our little oldie inspired outfits!



Aidan (Left)

Hair: Wasabi Pills (Teeloh) [Mesh]
Skin: Body Co (Summer)
Eyes: MayFly (Hazy Rainshowers) [Mesh]
Lashes: Body Co
Make-up: Body Co (Soft)
Lipstick: Pididdle (Don’t Stop Yet)
Nose-ring: Medley Unreleased
Teeth: Pididdle
Earrings: Bellballs (Crusifix & Hammered Stud)
Necklace: Ceres (Tribus)
Top: ISON (Draped Tee) [Mesh]
Gloves: Emery
Nails: Leverocci (Round Nails) [Mesh]
Rings: Bellballs (Cheetah) & Mstyle (Black) & Anomaly (Two-Tone)
Belt: Hermony (Rock N’ Rock Belt)
Shorts: Vive9 (High Waisted Acid)
Tights: Sheer (Tights 29)
Boots: LePointe & Bastchild (Engineer)

Dez (Right)

Hair: Exile (Groove Theory) [Mesh]
Skin: Body Co (Lilac)
Glasses: Mustache (The Blues) [No Longer Available]
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard (Real Eyes / Stumblebum 4)
Eyelashes: LeLutka (2011 lashes/curl) & Admiral Spicy (Prim Lashes V.1)
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer (In Color #5); Pididdle (CheekDefinition); Essences (Elena Eyeliner) & Moles/Freckles (gift)
Earrings: Bellballs (Spiked Edge Hoop Earrings)
Necklace: League (DayDream Necklace)
Shirt: Mon Tissu (Bandeau Bra) & Ladies Who Lunch (Muertos Layering Vest) [Mesh]
Shorts: Mon Tissu (Cuffed Denim Shorts) [Mesh]
Bracelet: Celoe (Dara Bracelet Oman) [Mesh] & Ison (Vipera Watch)
Nails: Pididdle (Manicure Set 001)
Rings: Maxi Gossamer Jewelery (LoveHeart & RoHo)
Stockings: Blowpop (Fishnets Tights)
Shoes: Crickets (“Fuck You” Mesh Sneakers) [Mesh]

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Kiss The Stars


Hellllllo lovelies!

Finally! My part 3 of 3 outfits regarding Culture Shock on the CHIC sim! There was a lot of mesh, and we all know mesh is the new and best thing that’s hit the grid since sculpties back in 0what? But enough idle chit chat about mesh and it’s wonders and such, scroll down and pick yourself up some of the items I wore from Culture Shock!


Hair: Vive9 (Wang)
Skin: Body Co (Summer)
Makeup: Body Co (Soft) & Nox. (Electric Liner)
Sunglasses: Handmade (Neon Shades) [Mesh]
Eyes: MayFly (Monet Dawn) [Mesh]
NoseRing: Medley Unreleased
Necklace: Bellballs (Feather Trinket Pink)
Top: ISON (Draped Tee) [Mesh]
Nails: Pididdle (Manicure #2)
Rings: Mstyle (Black Rings)
Shorts: Ricielli (Summer Minishorts) [Mesh]
Shoes: ANEXX (Fringe Sweed)

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Helllllo again lovelies!

Today is part 2 of my three part little dress up using items from Culture Shock and I even have a special guest appearance to show off some of the items along side me! Skyee Quan was gracious enough to grace me with her time because she’s a doll and pose with me while chatting about the items and mesh, and how absolutely divine it is! So scroll down, and hopefully you’ll like our collab look!


Skyee (Left)

Hair: [e] Away
Skin: : ) BCC. [Light] Rubi Skin B
Teeth: : ) BCC. Bara Teeth
Glasses: BCollective [Burley] (MidtownReaders)
Eyes: Nana Secrect Dbrown Eyes
Lashes: YS & YS Tintable Eyelash 003
Freckles: YS & YS Sofia Freckless Tatoo Layer SL2
Top: Ricielli Vshirt [Mesh]
Bra: TokiDoki Artisan Bralet
Bag: TokiDoki (Beach Bag)
Ring: LaGyo (Cube Ring)
Pants: Celoe (Yasmine Pants) [Mesh]
Belt: TokiDoki (Flower Belt)
Shoes: theosophy (Dowlais Sandal)

Aidan (Right)

Hair: Burley (Carina)
Skin: Body Co (Orchid)
Lashes: Medley (Dramatic 2)
NoseRing: Medley Unreleased
Makeup: Body Co (Coco) & {D.A} Lipgloss Pack (Pout)
Earrings: Glow Studio (Please Me Set)
Necklace: Glow Studio (Please Me Set)
Gown: ISON (Lace Ombre) [Mesh]
Clutch: Haut Monde (Flap Clutch) [Mesh]

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Hellllo lovelies!

I’ve put together another look, this time I’ve used some things that you can pick up now at the Culture Shock event on the CHIC sim! This is part one of my post for Culture Shock, since anyone who’s been knows; there’s so much there to buy and blog, and so little time for anything else! Scroll down and look forward to my little Culture Shock ensemble!


 Hair: Vive9 (Strong Winds Pony)

Skin: Body Co (Orchid)

Eyes: MayFly (Hazy Rainshowers) [MESH]

Eyebrows: Medley (Gel Brow)

Eyelashes: Medley (Dramatic 2)

Make-up: Body Co (Coco) & Lelutka & {D.A} Lipgloss Pack (Pout)

Nose-ring: Medley [Unreleased]

Teeth: Pididdle

Earrings: Bellballs (Hammered Studs) & (Crucifnix Earrings)

Necklace: Glow Studio (Kolia Spiked)

 Tank-Top: Surf Co (Hermana Tank)

 Jumper: Ricielli (Papi Jumpsuit) [MESH]

(Belt included in Jumper)

Rings: Mstyle (Black Ring) & Bellballs (Cheetah Print Ring) & Magic Nook (Fly Little Bird Ring)

Boots: Leverocci (Range Boots)

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Idle Talk

May 7, 2012 2 comments

Hellllllo lovelies!

Welcome to my blog and my very first post, I put together a usual look for me and something that I’d always find myself whipping together! Most of the items are from very very dear stores that I couldn’t live with out! So scroll down and hopefully you’ll find something you like!~

Hair: Burley Pippa

Skin: Body Co Orchid

Eyes: Mayfly (Monet Dawn)

Make-up: Body co (Coco) & {D.A} Lipgloss & [M] Eyebrows [Personal]


House of Fox (Stella Clutch) & (Forever Young Ring)

Bellballs (Tiered Geometric Necklace) & (Stacked Earrings) & (Cheetah Print Ring)

Mstyle (Black ring) [edited]

Cardigan: =IZUMIYA=Cardigan

Dress: Whippet & Buck (Meela Lace)

Tights: !bullwinkle (Plain)

Shoes: Leverocci (Mary Janes)

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