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Hello loveliessss!

I’m super super excited to post my first skin review post, and even more excited that it was for Iren and her super adorable newly released skin “Paulina”. The best part about this skin is that her skin-tone selection for the line ranges from the perfect pale, to the softest looking African tone and I can’t help switching between every tone! The skin itself comes with an eyebrow base, a tattoo layer face freckle, and then a hand-made eyeliner and lash layer! I wanted to showcase the skin bare and natural like it comes, minus the freckles and lash layer, I only wore my typical duo lashes and left the skin itself there with only a shadow edit layer, it’s a really soft and nicely done skin! From the simple details to the sharp textures Iris put into it, I have to say it’s one of my favorite new skins that I’ve seen as of late and I honestly think it can look good on any-one who tries it, and it’s well worth the prices since Iris charges such a reasonable price for her skins in general, so it’s like a steal!


Hair: Lamb (Ruby) [Mesh]
Skin: IREN (Paulina) [NEW]
Eyes: Mayfly Liquid Light (Paris Green) & (Hazy Rainshowers) [Mesh]
Eyelashes: Medley (Lashes 2) & (Lashes 1)
Noserings: Medley [Unreleased] & Bellballs (Ow My Face)
Bra: House Of Fox
Undies: House Of Fox

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