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Teenage Dream


Hello loveliessss!

I’m back again, not like I really went anywhere besides RL of course~ But it’s time for another post! So I’ve been meaning to post more than like a post every 7-8 days because I change often enough to do more than that but I totally put something on, mention doing a post/take pictures and then I totally just forget about it!  I need to be more organized but at least I put priority on things people send me to review,eh? Okay! SO! New mesh, mesh; yes yes yes for mesh! Emery finally did mesh, and if anyone is a fashionista/shopaholic then they totally understand how good it is that Emery is doing mesh since Emery is like the epitome of good stuff when it comes to designing! So enough idle talk scroll down and looook!




Hair: Truth (Tashia) [Mesh]
Skin: Body Co (Summer)
Makeup: Body Co (Soft)
Glasses: Shade Throne (Diabolita)
Noserings: Medley & Bellballs
Necklace: Geektopia (Lightning’s Pendant)
Top: Emery (Cersi) [New] [Mesh]
Jeans: Maitreya (Zipper) [Mesh]
Bracelets: Illmatic (Classic Chunky)
Nails: Leverocci [Mesh]
Rings: Mstyle & Pididdle (Epoch Fox)
Shoes: Balkanik2,0 (Magnetized)

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