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A Million Lights

Hello loveliessssss!

So this post is a bit different for me, I don’t usually go for such earthy and soft colors; but I decided that I needed to finally use the adorable shirt from Toki-Doki that was just sitting in my inventory collecting that unfortunate SL dust! So, I grabbed a new release from Toki-Doki, the ever so cute also new shorts from Mon Tissu, in this girls faaaavorite color, and of course that’s black! and tossed some corresponding type colors to make a more soft type post but still staying true to how I normally do! On a side note though, this new Elikatira hair is flawless and I can never pass up a side pony when it’s done right, and this one IS done SO right! So, scroll on down and take a look at the outfit!


Hair: Elikatira [Mesh] [New]
Skin: Glam Affair (Roze @ Collab88)
Eyebrows: Medley [Coming Soon]
Eyelashes: Medley (Lashes 01 & Lashes 02)
Eyes: Mayfly (Paris Lights & Twilight Steel) [Mesh] [New]
Make-up: Cheap Make-up
Nose-Ring: Medley [Unreleased]
Teeth: SLink (Real Teeth) [Edited]
Earrings: Bellballs (Spiked Hoops) [Four Corners Item]
Necklace: Bellballs (Feather Trinket]
Jacket: Toki-Doki [Mesh] [New]
Purse: House Of Fox
Top: Toki-Doki [Mesh]
Shorts: Mon Tissu [Mesh] [New]
Leggings: House Of Fox
Rings: Mstyle & House Of Fox [New]
Nails: Leverocci [Mesh]
Shoes: Kookie

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Do It, Like A Dude


Hello Loveliessssss!

So, this time I’m doing a bit more of a sporty look with a new top that comes in 6 different styles from the ever so talented Iris of Iren! The shirts come in the usual standard sizing, with an alpha and each of the 6 styles come in different colors with different graphics on each! I couldn’t help but  wear some chucks, soccer style socks and get that soccer ball out of the closet with some game face paint and a winning attitude! Jk, sports involve sweating; and that’s not fashionable ;] So anyways, take a scroll on down the page and look at what I put together for this simple little sporty girl swag!




Hair: Elikatira (Wave)
Skin: League (Jen)
Eyebrows: Medley [Coming Soon]
Eye-lashes: Medley (Lashes 01 & Lashes 02)
Eyes: Mayfly (Paris Lights & Twilight Steel) [Mesh] [New]
Make-up: Pekka
War-Paint: Aitui
Nose-Ring: Medley [Unreleased]
Teeth: SLink (Real Teeth) [Edited]
Necklace: Lightnings Pendant
Top: Iren [Mesh] [New]
Rings: Mstyle
Nails: Leverocci [Mesh]
Socks: Cestar (Deutchland Set)
Shoes: Deetalez
Accessory: Soccer Ball by Puppy (Marketplace)

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Heart It Races


Hello Loveliesssssss!


I’m back again with some newness and of course, we all know; meshness! What can I say, a girl really likes they mesh when it’s done right! So, I’m covering a new release from Hair Fair, a new release from a personal friend and of course you can’t leave out covering something if anything from Collab, it has to be something from Aida Ewing and her ever so much talent for making skins! Off the shoulder tops are my absolute favorite things so when Arriah showed me it in the works I nearly swooned, not to mention Lamb Bellic and her absolute never ceasing to amaze talents with mesh and creative hair styles as of late! Plus you tack on some classic pieces from here and there and you’ve got yourself an adorable little fresh simple look! I’m clearly talking too much from excitement, so scroll on down and pick up some of the goodness below!


-xo, aVal




Hair: Lamb (Blue Velevet @ Hair Fair) [Mesh] [New]
Skin: Glam Affair (Roza @ Collab) [New]
Freckles: L.Fauna
Eyes: Mayfly (Paris Green) & (Twilight Steel) [Mesh] [New]
Eyebrows: Medley [Coming Soon]
Eyeliner: Cheap Makeup (Black Matte)
Eyelashes: Medley (Lashes 02)
Nosering: Medley [Unreleased]
Teeth: SLink (Real Teeth) [Edited]
Lips: SLink (Real Teeth) [Edited]
Lip Layer: Boom (Pucker Rose)
Earrings: Epoque [Mesh]
Top: Medley (Lazy Tee) [Mesh] [New]
Undershirt: Surf Co (Hermanna Tank)
Necklace: Bellballs (Feather Trinket)
Rings: House of Fox (Triangle) & Mstyle (Black Rings) [Edited]
Nails: Leverocci [Mesh]
Shorts: Surf Co (Rolled Down)
Feet: SLink [Mesh] [Edited]
Shoes: SLink (Feet Add-on) [Mesh]

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Hello loveliessssss!

Time for some more newness and styles! I have a partner with me this time, the good ol’ Ally Andel whom I’ve grown unusually close to in the late, but that’s not the important part; unless I start making her be in every blog post, /then/ we’ll have a problem~ BUT! New Burley, Millesime & Mon Tissu Soiree (gifts), in this little style swap kind of feeling photo, I’m normally not so colorful and by that I mean; we all know black is this girls forte when it comes to clothing. But it’s nice to change it up, I’d get boring if all I showed you guys was my black on black on black styles! 😛 So! Scrollllll down and look at our looks!


Aidan (Left)
Hair: Burley [Mesh] [New]
Skin: League (Jen)
Eyebrows: Miamai
Eyes: May Fly (Monet Dawn) [Mesh]
Makeup: My Ugly Dorothy (Liner 07)
Lashes: Medley (Lashes 02)
Teeth: SLink (Sculpted With Lips) [Edited]
NoseRing: Medley [Unreleased]
LipRing: Medley [Unreleased]
Collar: Mon Tissu (Soiree Gift) [Mesh] [New]
Top: Mon Tissu (Soiree Gift) [Mesh] [New]
Skirt: ISON (FLF Wrap) [Mesh]
Shoes: Elikatira (Move Pumps)

Ally (Right)
Hair: Burley [Mesh] [New]
Skin: Vive9 (Eva)
Makeup: Vive9 (Eva – Original)
Eyes: May Fly (Summer Shore)
Lashes: Redgrave (Luscious)
Nose –Ring: Aitui
Top: House of Fox (FLF) [Mesh]
Skirt: Millesime [Mesh] [New]
Shoes: Vive9
Bag: Handmade

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Breathe Me

Hello loveliessssss!

I’ve been slacking, slack slack slack; but I have good reasons, I’ve just not been in the best of moods as of late and SL is kind of been the last place I really felt like logging in to for entertainment. But, I knew I needed to post some new things since some new cute stuff has come along in the past few days! Like, the return of FLF of course and then the amazing items of course. So this background is probably my least favorite, but I knew it’d be far befitting to be standing on the red carpet in this outfit! ;] So! Scroll on down, look at the of course, mesh and pick up some stuff! And I proooooomise I’ll be around more with more exciting news/posts!<3

Hair: Elikatira (Listen) [Mesh]
Flower: Elikatira (Novel Attachment)
Skin: League (Jen)
Eyebrows: Miamai
Freckles: L.Fauna (Pale)
Earrings: Bellballs (Hammered Studs)
Eyes: Mayfly (Deep Spring Shower & Paris Green) [Mesh]
Eyelashes: Medley (Lashes 02)
Eyeliner: Cheap Makeup (Matte Liner)
Nose-Ring: Medley [Unreleased]
Lip-Ring: Medley [Unreleased]
Necklace: Bellballs (Tiered Geometric)
Top: House Of Fox (FLF Item) [Mesh]
Skirt: House Of Fox (FLF Item) [Mesh]
Bracelet: Epoque (Triple Threat Cuff) [Mesh]
Ring: House Of Fox (Forever Young)
Nails: Leverocci [Mesh]
Bag: House Of Fox (The Olsen)
Tights: Bullwinkle (Plain) [Unavailable]
Boots: SLink Tall Leather [Mesh]

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