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Do It, Like A Dude


Hello Loveliessssss!

So, this time I’m doing a bit more of a sporty look with a new top that comes in 6 different styles from the ever so talented Iris of Iren! The shirts come in the usual standard sizing, with an alpha and each of the 6 styles come in different colors with different graphics on each! I couldn’t help but  wear some chucks, soccer style socks and get that soccer ball out of the closet with some game face paint and a winning attitude! Jk, sports involve sweating; and that’s not fashionable ;] So anyways, take a scroll on down the page and look at what I put together for this simple little sporty girl swag!




Hair: Elikatira (Wave)
Skin: League (Jen)
Eyebrows: Medley [Coming Soon]
Eye-lashes: Medley (Lashes 01 & Lashes 02)
Eyes: Mayfly (Paris Lights & Twilight Steel) [Mesh] [New]
Make-up: Pekka
War-Paint: Aitui
Nose-Ring: Medley [Unreleased]
Teeth: SLink (Real Teeth) [Edited]
Necklace: Lightnings Pendant
Top: Iren [Mesh] [New]
Rings: Mstyle
Nails: Leverocci [Mesh]
Socks: Cestar (Deutchland Set)
Shoes: Deetalez
Accessory: Soccer Ball by Puppy (Marketplace)

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