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Hello Loveliesssssss!

This time around I got to blog a store called FAKE, by Bonnie Forder and I have to admit I had never heard of her work but this skin called Rose is absolutely adorable and comes with so many different options that I was actually really excited to blog them. I had a lovely week of the poor skin editing job sitting here waiting for me because with Fall FINALLY coming to where I live and the weather changing I got myself a mean ass head cold and it took me this whole time to get my ass back in action to finally edit the pictures together and make it look presentable in between sniffling and sneezing all over! BUT! Enough of that, FAKE offered the skin in 8 different make-ups with no brow options not to mention the tattoo layers are for all the eyebrows including Dark, Brunette, and Red! The Rose skin comes in 5 different skin tones from Milky being the lines palest and Chocolate being the darkest, each skin tone shows a beautiful transition into each skin tone for the 5 tones. I chose to show you the skin in it’s bare base because personally for me, when I try on skins I usually only purchase a skin when it’s got a truly bare and makeup less start so that way I can transform the skin into my own creation and style, that being said like I told you before the skin has 8 different make up options that range from heavy makeup to light makeup. The absolute best part for the skin in my opinion though, is that the eyebrows aren’t attached to the skin and are only in tattoo layer therefore you can use any eyebrow layer you could imagine to use with the skin and we all know a brow can really change a girls face completely! Well, all in all I can say this is totally a great skin from a designer who really knows how to cater to different options for everyone! Scroll down and have a looksies!



Hair: Lamb [Mesh]
Eyes: Mayfly [Desert Twilight] [Mesh]
Eyelashes: Medley [Lashes 02]

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  1. Sommer
    October 24, 2012 at 6:46 PM

    Nice skin and it looks great on you but there’s no blonde option for the brows and the ones supplied are too dark and bold. They take over the whole face, all you see is brows lol, at least for me. So therefore all that work in creating the skin and a potential $950L is lost to the creator due to these brows.

    • aValidstyle
      October 26, 2012 at 12:42 PM

      Hmmm, yeah; the brows were my biggest problem really with the skin also. But! on the plus side, FAKE has released a few more skins and the eyebrows do look a lot better! I’ve not tried them on but hopefully they have a nicer blonde version too! 🙂

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