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Ready or Not


Hello Loveliessssss!


So I’ve been totally cranking out these blog posts because I’m actually a lot more inspired to create different looks with the fact that the fall/autumn fashion is starting to roll around and it is my absolute favorite season besides Winter. Don’t ask, I was born in January; the cold weather is like paradise like the Summer for most! But anyways, like I mentioned before with the previous post I was welcomed into the Atooly blogger group and received the whole outfit that I’m wearing in this post, minus the shoes; we all know where those are from and who’s feet they are /not/ coming off of! But I was really impressed with the colors used, I’m not much of a bright/light color person, I like my neutral and then sometimes I get risky and break the usual and this post is one of those. Atooly released a whole bunch of new mesh items that are adorable, from the dress and cardigan I’m wearing in many many colors and patterns, to a button down shirt that’s even MORE adorable to some new poses, one of which I used for this post also! It’s all about that Atooly, baby! Anyways, enough corniness; I have to say this was a really simple quick just put together kind of look, I don’t find it to be anything overly done up or anything, just a true simple beginning of that beautiful arrival of Fall! Scroll on down and take a peek!



Hair: Burley [New] [Mesh]
Skin: Love (Josephine) [New]
Eyes: Mayfly (Desert Twilight) [Mesh]
Eye-lashes: Medley (Lashes 02)
Liner: Love – (Thin)
Nose-Ring: Medley [Personal Version]
Earrings: Bellballs
Necklace: Mstyle [Edited]
Nails: Pixel Mode
Cardigan: Atooly [New] [Mesh]
Dress: Atooly [New] [Mesh]
Purse: House Of Fox
Shoes: House Of Fox [New] [Mesh]
Poses: Atooly (Female Pose Pack 8 -71-) [New]




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