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Hello Loveliessssss!

So, some more downtime between blog posts is kind of my usual thing to do because I don’t want to overly blog post and then not find myself bored with it and not wanting to do it etcetc! But I can’t really complain because I take time when I’m putting together most posts on the blog, sometimes it comes quicker but that’s the really creative days only! ;] But today I got me another lovely guest in a post for avalidstyle, and I’m super duper excited because it’s my lovely SL madre Alexandria Enchanted whom if you don’t follow her blog/flickr/her shit in general, you’re missing out on some seriously fantastic shit, but we decided to dress up and be hella cute together and do a blog post of our pixels looking flawless together for you guys! Some new things for myself were found being related to this lovely lady, like this FANTASTIC MESH CORSET AHHHHHHH! 😀 But okay okay, I’ll make this a short Aidan ramble and get to the point; scroll on down and take a look at us in our black goodness!


On Alexandria (Right)

Hair: Magika [New] [Mesh]
Eyes: Clemmm
Lashes: Redgrave
Nose-Ring: Cobrahive
Teeth: PXL [Edited]
Tattoo: Custom by Landon Mode
Necklace: Kosh (Auna)
Shirt: Epic
Corset: Etchaflesh [Mesh]
Boots: SLink [Mesh]
Bracelets: Kosh & Mandala
Ring: Mandala IAnuttra Ring Set)
Hands: SLink (Mouse) [New] [Mesh]
Undies: Epoque
Tights: Erratic

On Aidan (Left)

Hair: Truth [New] [Mesh]
Eyes: Mayfly (Desert Twilight) [Mesh]
Eyelashes: Medley (Lashes 02)
Liner: Nox
Nose-Ring: Medley [Personal Version]
Necklace: KOSH (Sade) & Illusions (Cord Wrap)
Shirt: Epic
Corset: Etchaflesh [Mesh]
Hands: SLink (Elegant 1) [New] [Mesh]
Rings: Kosh (Sade) & Anomaly
Bracelets: Dark Watch & Steinwerk & Illusions
Pants: Muka (Admiral Set Bottoms)
Socks: Muka (Admiral Set Bottoms)
Boots: SLink [Mesh]

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