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Hello loveliesssssss!

So I’ve been M.I.A for a bit longer than I expected especially since I was kindly asked by the owner of Vestigium, Lu Scorpio to blog her tattoos and such but I had to have forgotten about how my lovely self was having my wisdom teeth removed like a day following! :C I had them out, and I’m all better and such now after almost a week of swollen chipmunk cheeks and lots and lots of soup to finally blog the items passed to me also by a new little designer that I’ve fallen quiet in love with because his first clothing release is beyond something that I’d wear, and I’ve not been able to take it off since he passed me it! Okayokay, enough suspense; I’m talking about David Reis the owner of LUSE, you may or may not have him on flickr and such, but if you don’t marketplace search for the store and you so need to own his clutch and new top! I have to do my Vestigium blog post and that will get done following this one but I was in just too much love with everything I had on that I had to do this post first! Sunami Beck of Emery, my girl from my straight up noob days is powerhouse smashing mesh hits out left and right and I’m in absolute fucking love with her new releases as of the past few months, HANDS DOWN she’s one of the best meshers for me besides House Of Fox and Maitreya! So scroll on down, enjoy my fancy little new appearance change and lets see how long it lasts! 😉



Hair: Lamb [Mesh]
Skin: Body co (Orchid)
Headband: Mijn.
Eyes: Clemmm (Hazel Glass) [Mesh]
Eyebrows: Medley (Personal tone fix)
Eyelashes: Miamai [Mesh]
Eyeliner: Body co & Vive9
NoseRing: Medley [Personal Version]
Lipstick: Pink Fuel (Kumi Line)
Necklace: KOSH (Nebula)
Shirt: LUSE (Eli Shirt) [New] [Mesh]
Hands: SLink (Elegant 1) [New] [Mesh]
Clutch: LUSE [New] [Mesh]
Rings: Kosh (Nebula) & Anomaly
Leggings: Emery [New] [Mesh]
Shoes: House Of Fox [New] [Mesh]



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