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Hello Loveliesssss!

Okay so, this is a simple and quick little post; I’ve been wearing this dress and mix and matching outfits with parts of items ever since I got it and I finally settled on this! The dress, minus the House Of Fox shoulder feathers; is from Lethal Couture’s first round in  SL Fashion week. The adorable clutch with spikes is by Lazybones and is also another SL Fashion week item. The LC dress is part mesh, part flexi and part clothing layer so it allows multiple ideas with the pieces! I’m so proud of everyone at SL Fashion Week and I’ve not really spoken to anyone, but to be able to blog the items from this event and have such a good turn out on my end, and looking at the products and the hard work and the other bloggers I’m impressed and I’m glad I’m apart of it!

Here’s to even more successful weeks ahead, ladies!



Hair: Dela [New] [Mesh]
Skin: Glance [New]
Crown: LaViere
Eyes: Mayfly (Desert Twilight) [Mesh]
Eyelashes: Miamai [Mesh]
Eyeliner: Glam Affair – Couture Liner [Mesh] & Ricielli
NoseRing: Medley [Personal Version]
Tattoo: Linc [Unreleased]
Dress: Lethal Couture [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Shoulder Feathers: House Of Fox
Bra: House Of Fox
Necklace: Geektopia/1A – Lightnings Pendant
Bracelet: Epoque [Mesh]
Nails: Mandala
Clutch: Lazybones [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Leggings: Epoque
Shoes: Epoque

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Gods & Monsters

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Hello Loveliesssss!

So, like I said in the last bit on my blog; I’m currently in SL Fashion Week! And it’s time for my first blog post about the event with some of the cute items that have been sent out so far! They are totally my favorites already and I’m so excited for the weeks to come with this event! The event opens tomorrow, Friday the 18th at 1PM SLT and the item prices range but you can’t go wrong with these things! Villena never ceases to amaze with her creations, AUTRES has the most amazing little booties you could dream up. I hope you all decide to grab yourself these items and some of the other ones and wear the hell out of them like I am! SO! scroll on down to the picture, and grab up the colorful little works of the ladies and gents in the first round of my very much so possibly favorite new event!


Gods & Monsters



Hair: Dela [New] [Mesh]
Skin: Glance [New]
Eyes: Mayfly (Desert Twilight) [Mesh]
Eye-lashes: Miamai [Mesh]
Eye-liner: Glam Affair – Couture Liner [Mesh] & Ricielli
Nose-Ring: Medley [Personal Version]
Tattoo: Linc [Unreleased]
Shirt: Villena [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Necklace: Geektopia/1A – Lightnings Pendant
Pants: Villena [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Gloves: Linc [Mesh]
Purse: BSD Design Studio [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
iPhone: TSH (Typer)
Pants: Villena [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Shoes: AUTRES [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]

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SL Fashion Week!

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Hello loveliesssss!

Okay so, I’ve totally just not been really logging on Second Life because all my time has been put into APB and real life and I honestly haven’t really missed being online that much either so I haven’t paid much attention to my blog or Flickr. But! I realized that I can’t always reply to CSR stuff for AITUI via e-mail and just mobile logging in, but the best way to possibly keep myself logging in for more than 5 minutes than being accepted into a new event to blog that’s hitting the grid REAL soon! SL Fashion Week! Okay, I’ve been totally waiting for an event like this to hit for sooooo long because it’s going to be big already and it’s not even opened yet~! I’m honored to be accepted into the group and I wasn’t even really around to be apply personally or at least I don’t remember ever applying or something, idk, but I’m honored and I’m going to TOTALLY blog the shit out of the event!

SL Fashion Week

So here’s the dealie-o babes!

● SL Fashion Week ●
Weekly Event 
GRAND OPENING: 01/18/13 

Every year, the streets of New York are folded with the top designers of the world, and most sought after models around. Hairspray, double sided tape, and hidden trans-fat high calorie burgers, fill the scene when you walk behind the glamorous catwalk and through the curtain to the backstage of any of these runway show.

What we don’t ever see is the world before the flashbulbs bursting into our eyes. What does it look like without the thrill of  cameras and an audience? The dressing room with manic people all about and fashion at it’s rawest. This is the real SL Fashion Week.

Bringing together the best and freshest styles and items on the grid, SL Fashion Week will be a weekly event geared towards bring you fashion that’s both affordable and high end. Behind the glitz and glamor you will find a world all of it’s own. Fashion models and designers running here and there

SL Fashion Week will bring you:
● New round each week
● Prices ranging from 50L to 250L
● Exclusive items for SL Fashion Week

We want to bring the world of the super model to you, but not from the catwalk but from the curtain call. Each designer will bring to our event new and exiting items that reflect their style.

Remember to join our flickr group:

If you have any questions, please contact one of the following people.

SL Fashion Week Staff:
⋙Event Support:       SLFashionWeek Resident
⋙Event Manager:     Rose (NamiNaeko Resident)
⋙Event Manager:     ƇΛИDY  (AnnaGrey Resident)
⋙Assistant Manger:  Yumi Katana

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