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Gods & Monsters


Hello Loveliesssss!

So, like I said in the last bit on my blog; I’m currently in SL Fashion Week! And it’s time for my first blog post about the event with some of the cute items that have been sent out so far! They are totally my favorites already and I’m so excited for the weeks to come with this event! The event opens tomorrow, Friday the 18th at 1PM SLT and the item prices range but you can’t go wrong with these things! Villena never ceases to amaze with her creations, AUTRES has the most amazing little booties you could dream up. I hope you all decide to grab yourself these items and some of the other ones and wear the hell out of them like I am! SO! scroll on down to the picture, and grab up the colorful little works of the ladies and gents in the first round of my very much so possibly favorite new event!


Gods & Monsters



Hair: Dela [New] [Mesh]
Skin: Glance [New]
Eyes: Mayfly (Desert Twilight) [Mesh]
Eye-lashes: Miamai [Mesh]
Eye-liner: Glam Affair – Couture Liner [Mesh] & Ricielli
Nose-Ring: Medley [Personal Version]
Tattoo: Linc [Unreleased]
Shirt: Villena [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Necklace: Geektopia/1A – Lightnings Pendant
Pants: Villena [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Gloves: Linc [Mesh]
Purse: BSD Design Studio [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
iPhone: TSH (Typer)
Pants: Villena [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Shoes: AUTRES [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]

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