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Under The Sun

Hello Loveliessssss!

So I’m here with round 2 for the SL Fashion Week Event and let me tell you I’m so glad I’m sticking with this event because it’s getting better and better! I was actually a bit late, so I’ll be posting this from last weeks round and later today will be the start of Cycle 3 and I will post a picture tonight or tomorrow at most! My poor PC managed to catch a nasty little virus and I had to take it in to be fixed so it left me PC-less for most of the last round, but non the less I prevailed and managed to snap this little number before the next round came out! I’m not sure if you can snag any of the previous round items at the stores participating MAIN stores but if you are, you totally should; if not, then I’m sorry! 😡 Scroll on down and have a looks at the look I put together using cycle 2’s items!

Under The Sun————————————————————————————————————-

Hair: Diva
Skin: Glance [New]
Head-band: Lazybones [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Eyes: Mayfly (Desert Twilight) [Mesh]
Eyelashes: Pink Acid (tattoo lashes) [New] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Eyeliner: Vive9
NoseRing: Medley [Personal Version]
Earrings: Bellballs (Store Closed)
Jacket: Mon Tissu
Top: Mon Tissu
Necklace: Mon Tissu
Skirt: Welldone Atelier [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Hands: SLink [Mesh]
Phone: TSH (Typer)
Bracelet: Olive [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Ring: Olive [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Clutch: Mon Tissu [Mesh]
Shoes: Leverocci [Mesh]

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