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Hello Loveliessss!

Time for some more SLFW stuff! This is now cycle 5 of this darling event, and UNF the amount of spikes this round could make anyone who loves them as much as me die because there’s plenty of them! I’ve got a lovely guest with me this week, who happens to adore the spikes just as much; the fabulous madre of mine, Alexandria Enchanted! We both decided to rock the flawless Lazybones bodysuits in corresponding colors with opposite spike colors, the suit comes in black AND white with gold or silver options for all the spikes! The best part, for all you little lola/tango wearers there’s appliers included, talk about perfection! So, this was a quick little snap done by Alex and hopefully you like your little collab of simplicity and spikes! 😉 So, scroll on down and have a look!




  On Alex!

Skin: Essences [New at TDR Fusion!]
Hair: Wasabi Pills [New] [Mesh]
Horns: Europa (Maelus Horns)
Eyes: Dead Apples (Nebula Dreamy)
Cosmetics: Mock
Piercings: Cobrahive & Puncture (Gemstone) [Edited]
Wings: Lazybones [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Bodysuit: Lazybones [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Boobs: Lolas [Mesh]
Bracelets: Olive [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Fishnets: Erratic
Tights: Vive9
Shoes: Vive9 [Mesh]
Hands: SLink (Gesture & Elegant) [Mesh]

On Me!
Hair: Burley [Mesh]
Skin: Pink Fuel (Alyx) [Unreleased]
Eyes: Mayfly (Hazy Rainshowers) [Mesh]
Lashes: Glam Affair & Miamai [Mesh]
Eyeshadow: Dead Apples
Nosering: Medley (Store closed)
Lipstick: Pink Acid [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Earrings: Bellballs (Store closed) & Epoque [Mesh]
Wings: Lazybones  [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Necklace: Lightnings Pendant
Bodysuit: Lazybones [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Bracelet 1: Whatever [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Bracelet 2: Illmatic
Bracelet 3: Epoque [Mesh]
Hands: SLink [Mesh]
Purse: PP  [New] [Mesh] [SL Fashion Week Item!]
Rings: Bellballs (Store closed)
Tights: Epoque
Boots: SLink [Mesh]

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