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Hello Loveliesssss!

SO! I bet you missed me right? Am I right? Just kidding, I’m not that big headed; but however, in case you did miss me, I MISSED YOU TOO!! Okay no for real now though, I lost my original flickr that I had made in like, 2009 so I wasn’t the happiest of campers when it came to the fact I lost the thousands of followers I had on flickr, nevermind all the views for my things went poof in the mix. But, have no fear because after taking some time off of SL and spending time in the void we call RL I decided that I’m going to make a new flickr and pick back up where I left off with avalidstyle! If you still follow my old flickr, my new one is http://www.flickr.com/photos/aidanvaleska/ and it’s the one you’ll see me posting all my new stuff on! I’d like to thank everyone for all the views I received on that flickr and I hope that you guys continue to view my work and more this time around as I try and climb myself back up the little flickr ladder I was working so hard to be apart of! So, now onto the outfit and items I’m wearing and shit, so lately I’ve been very very much back in love, even though I never stopped loving it, the contraption shark grin so of course I based my outfit around it with some newer items from some of my favorite stores mixed with some classics! Scroll on down and take a look at my come-back sort of post for avalidstyle, oh! and expect a change in style sometime verrrrry soon! 😉




Hair: Chemistry (Sirena HUD 2) [Mesh]
Horns: – V – Shadow Faun set [No longer available]
Skin: Essences (Song)
Mouth: Loud Mouth (Alli) [Mesh]
Eyes: IKON (Blush) [New at FAMESHED]
Makeup: Vio’s Tearduct [Not available]
Lashes: Glam Affair, Ataxia, & MIAMAI [Mesh]
Liner: (love) [No longer available]
NoseRing: Ataxia (Double nostril) [Mesh]
Tattoo: *L.inc* [Unreleased Tattoo]
Necklace: Chronokit [Event Item]
Top: Pumpkin [Mesh]
Pants: Villena [Mesh]
Tail: Hyperborea (Devil Tail) [Mesh]
Gloves: Celeo [Mesh]
Weapon: Krova Blade [No long available]
Shoes: Lelutka (Ren) [Mesh]



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